Tribal Organics is the exclusive internet retailer of Coco Loco Jewelry. 
The history and origin of Coco Loco jewelry is best told by Coco Loco in their own words provided to Tribal Organics and set forth below.

At Coco Loco we specialize in hand-carved, organic jewelry made from
natural materials such as: Coconut, Exotic Hardwoods, Seeds, Shell, Horn and Bone.
Originated by tribal peoples from around the world, Coco Loco's aim is to help sustain
their culture by maintaining these forms of traditional art and adornment.

  Coco Loco is proud to be a socially responsible and environmentally conscious
company.  Coco Loco supports over 50 artisans around the globe and strive beyond fair trade.  
We work directly with all of our carvers and artists making sure that their quality of life
is maintained, preserved and improved.  Taking special care to source natural materials
with an environmentalist mindset, we enjoy the satisfaction of finding and making
beautiful jewelry out of recycled, salvaged and sustainably harvested materials.

These days, this style of tribal jewelry is also often worn by travelers.  
Inspired by these cultures, these travelers have carried it with them to many corners
of the earth, bringing ancient tribal art and adornment into the realm of modern day
western civilization.  It is said, that when worn, this distinct jewelry often brings
the traveler good luck.  Whether a local or another traveler, has seen the jewelry,
the two are bound to spark a conversation and exchange stories.  Coco Loco would like to thank all  of those who have exchanged these positive stories.  Thank you to all of those who
have sheltered the traveler along the way.  Thank you to all those who trust and
are trustworthy.  Many thanks to all of those who believe in the dream of peace and unity.
 The faithful never stand alone.  Peace will gather.  Our doorsteps are only footsteps away.  
We are all connected.

Give thanks for Life
-Coco Loco

Meet the Coco Loco team overseas.
aka "King Kong".... aka "Crazy Nyoman".... 
aka "the Professor"... aka "Rambo"  

Nyoman is a master carver and head manager of our production line in Indonesia.  A born leader and visionary, Nyoman always keeps the spirits high and is looked up to by everyone he works with, including us.  He is the founder of a work study program in his village that brings in underprivileged  youth to learn the art and career of traditional carving.  These students are housed, fed and paid a monthly salary.  Driven by his unique charisma and love for life, this is the man behind the scenes, who has changed so many peoples lives for the better and helped shape Coco Loco into what it is today.  Nyoman, who is 40 years old, has been carving since he was 9 and has been working with Coco Loco for over five years.  He has lived in Indonesia his entire life and is happily married with three beautiful children. This past summer Coco Loco had the pleasure of flying Komang out to the United States for the first time in is life, where he accompanied us on a three week festival tour.  It was a magical experience for everyone. Crossing the bridge for the first time, the artist meeting the customer and the customer meeting the artist.
We Love Nyoman!

Ketut Suweca:
Ketut is one of our top carvers and has been working with Coco Loco for over four years. Specializing in intricate designs such as the Yafah Swans and Simana Wings, his patience and attention to detail are seen in every piece
of art he creates.  Ketut is 35 years old and has been
making traditional carvings with his family since he was young.  Ketut (aka Suweca) is married and is a father to two boys; Wijaya Guna and Wahyu Patas.  In his village, it is seen as a very great honor for a man to make a good living through his creativity and traditional art. As it is for us as well, a truly great honor to work with such a highly skilled man.  Thank you Ketut!!

Wayan Pongek: 

"Mari saya kenalkan kamu kepada Wayan."
Let me introduce you to Wayan.
Charming, handsome and way ahead of his time, Wayan is one of our lead designers and top carvers.  A true artist, Wayan has been working with Coco Loco for over four years and is the creative mind behind designs such as the Zina Spirals and Sanur Hooks.  Anytime Wayan is on the job, there is always an aura of joyful, creative energy around him.  Well respected, Wayans artistic advice is often sought out and valued.  He is 32 years old and is married with two gorgeous daughters.  It is a great honor for us to work with such an innovative and independent artist.  Thank you Wayan for all your amazing work and focus.


Wenten, who has been carving since he was 15, joined the Coco Loco team in 2007.  Although he looks very young, Wenten is 29, married and the father of a lovely young girl named Putu.  He is the creative force behind such designs as the Daisy Hoops and Nilanu Curls.  Wentens patience and concentration has brought Coco Loco consistent quality and well-timed production.  Wenten is well respected in his village for his artistic ability, not just in the form of carving, but painting and sculpting as well.  He is often sought out and volunteers to help family and friends in preparation for decorated religious ceremonies and offerings.  It is a great joy for us to work with such a generous and dedicated man.  Thank you Wenten.

Wayan Jagra:
Jagras joy for carving is only matched by his love for reggae music.  Jagra can commonly be found carving away in comfort with the rhythms of Alpha Blondy and Bob Marley playing in the backround.  Although he looks young, his eyes speak experience.  Jagra is 34 years old, married and is the father to three beautiful girls.  He has been working with Coco Loco for three years and is the architect behind intricate designs such as the Floral Swans and Bridal Curls.  Always in a good mood and never late, Jagra is a joyous person to work with and be around.  He is a humble guide to many young novice carvers, even though he probably doesn't realize it.  Thank you Jagra for all the laughter and fun you bring with you everywhere you go.

I Wayan Mudana:

Mudana joined the Coco Loco team 3 years ago working part time.  We were so impressed with the attention to balance and symmetry in his work that we asked him if he would join full time.  He is the artist who brings to you designs such as the "famous" Luna Hoops, the Dahni Hoops and the Triangle Hoops.  Always in a good mood and always working closely to his cousin Wayan Pongek, Mudanas spirit is seen in every piece he creates.  Mudana, born and raised in Indonesia, is 32 years old, married, and the father to a gorgeous little girl named Putu.  
Thank you Mudana for all your time and energy.


Wayan Yasana:

Yasana, with his steady hands and attention to detail, is the type of carver who has the ability to cross bridges between different types of materials.  Whether wood, coconut, bone or horn, his quality of work is consistent and accurate.  Yasana's steady hands bring you gorgeous designs such as the Sankofa Wings and Yansu Swirls.  He is 28 years old and married to Putu Sriani, who is currently also working with Coco Loco.  Putu has been working with us for one year, helping us with design layout, packaging and inventory control.  Coco Loco is a family business, in the USA and abroad.  It is our joy and great honor to continue supporting the families that support us.  Thank you Yasana and Putu for being a part of the Coco Loco family.


Originally from the North, where good education and good work are hard to find, Pekak has lived with Nyoman for 7 years.  In that time, Nyoman has taught him the art of carving and therefore given him a skill that has helped build his future.  Like a brother to us, Pekak is somewhat of an assistant manager and takes his work very seriously.  From cutting, to carving, to polishing, he knows every aspect of our production and has become Nyoman right hand man.  Twenty-eight years old and always wearing a smile, Pekak recently got married in late December. Congratulations!!!
Thank you Pekak for your hard work and dedication. 

Raden (left) & Ketut Koplar (right):
Raden and Ketut are from the North as well, where good education and good work are hard to find.  They began their work study program with Nyoman at the age of 16 and have been living with him ever since.  At the age of 20 they are now both the main providers for their poverty-stricken families in the North.  Raden is the eldest of 4 and visits his family almost every week.  Ketut, who is very admired by his 4 younger brothers, just helped pay for a new house for his father and mother.  Both Raden and Ketuts parents are very grateful to Komang for giving their sons the opportunities that they could not.  As we are grateful to them for raising such kind and good hearted boys. Thank you Raden and Ketut for being an inspiration and rising above the odds.

Yansu (top) & Wayan Linu (bottom):
Yansu and Linu joined Komangs carving school in late 2007, after their parents could no longer afford to support them in their home village. Although they look young, at the age of seventeen, these teenagers are not only learning a valuable skill, but are providing a needed financial support for their families.  Wayan Linu, whose father is sick, is a major source of income for his mother and two little brothers.  Yansu, whose father died when he was young, is the eldest of 4 children and the main source of income for his family.  At Nyoman house, they are surrounded by an amazing group of guys (pictured above) that they can look up to for guidance and support.  Everyone teaches everyone.  Thank you Yansu and Linu for pushing forward through difficult times and never giving up. You are in our hearts, always.

Suparsa (left) & Botak (right):
Suparsa and Botak are the most recent additions to the Coco Loco team in Indonesia.  At the age of 26, Suparsa has been carving since he was 14 years old and is a true joy to work with.  His finely tuned skills bring designs such as the Fauna Wings and Aviva Curls into reality.  Suparsa, who is not married yet, has 2 younger brothers and 1 younger sister that he helps support.  Botak, who is admired by many for his high level of skill at the young age of 21, is a carving prodigy.  His father, a master carver, started teaching Botak the ancient family tradition of cultural carving at age 12.  Bringing you earrings such as the Deesa Hoops and Ahava Curls, his years of experience are visible in every piece he makes.

Thank you to all our customers for helping support our families and keeping our dreams alive.
From everyone at Coco Loco. 

About Coconut Jewelry
Coconut Jewelry has been made for generations by local Indians native to
the rainforests and coasts of Central and South America.  The artists with whom we work
have carved this organic jewelry for over 50 years.  In that time they have perfected the art
to bring you the best quality in coconut jewelry.  The four types of coconuts used in the
production of the rings and earrings are collectively known as palm nuts.  
The Pati (pah-chee), the Dende (den-day), the Piasava (pee-ah-sava), and the Tagua
palm nuts are grown mostly for their fibers, leaves and are often pressed to produce oil.  
When tumbled and polished these types of coconuts reveal the beautiful colors that lay
hidden beneath their raw outer surface.  The different shades of brown, beige, orange, and
black that are seen on the jewelry are the natural earth-tones of the palm nuts we use
in our production.  No dyes or alternative coloring is needed and none are added.  
We simply tumble, sand and then polish the coconuts before as well as after they are cut.  
The palm nuts are organically grown by local farmers in Central and South America.
What is not harvested for cooking oil is used to make the jewelry.

Every coconut ring as well as each individual hoop is handcrafted from one palm nut.  
Therefore no two coconut rings can every be exactly the same, and no two hoops
can ever be a precise match.  For example, after the Pati coconut earrings are made
and the proper wooden post fitted, we sift through them, and pair them to the best
of our ability.  The size of the coconut rings and earrings are the relative maturity
of the palm nut it was carved from.  Remember, the rings are made from coconut shell
and can resist some pressure, but when mistreated may also crack.  

Palm Nut (pah-chee) - Having  the most variation in color, the Pati palm nut           
ranges from a light beige to a deep, dark brown.  Never displaying one solid color,
even the darkest of Pati rings will reveal hints of deep reds and light browns.  
Dende Palm Nut (den-day) - Closely related to the Licuri palm nut, the dende                 
palm nut exhibits a deep brown color, complemented by streaks of light beige. 
Piasava Palm Nut (pee-ah-sava)  - With its hazel-brown shell, the Piasava palm nut     
is the largest palm nut we use in our organic jewelry line.  This allows us to produce
large hoops like the Gypsy and the Armadillo Hoops.  What's truly interesting,
is that when worn for a few weeks, the Piasava coconut jewelry will absorb the oils
from your hair and skin.  This causes a darkening of the rings and earrings into
a slightly deeper, richer caramel brown.  Very beautiful.
Tagua Nut - Also known as vegetable ivory, for its ivory like color and texture,                
Tagua is an excellent sustainable material for carving.  Found in Central and
South America, it is becoming a profitable alternative for locals who often
cut down rainforest for farming.  The Tagua nuts are harvested by hand
year round, without harming the tree, and grow back every few months.  
Check out the Tagua nut jewelry in our "Coconut Split Expanders" collection.